Donation of health materials both to people belonging to vulnerable population groups and to the Community Center. A new station for the solidarity of the Co-Solidarity Platform is the Community Center of the Municipality of Amfilochia.

In collaboration with the Co2gether team, through home interventions by specialized staff to patients, the needy, the elderly and the chronically ill, a holistic intervention is carried out in the care of vulnerable population groups.

In the context of the above home-based interventions, an important initiative is the possibility of donating health material to community centers, health and social welfare structures and walking and movement aids (wheelchairs/walkers) to those people who need help and meet the social and economic criteria of the program

Specifically, according to the identified needs, free health equipment was delivered to residents of Amfilochia and Inachos, such as wheelchairs, bacteria, walkers, as well as first aid equipment.