New Delivery of Sanitary Material From France

It was with great excitement that the teams of Co2gether and InterMediaKT received yesterday a large amount of unused medical equipment and specific mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers and crutches. The specific equipment arrived in Patras from France and is intended to be given to the elderly, other vulnerable groups as well as to refugees in the area who need it. By developing solid cooperation with the French organizations SECOL and Enfants Solidaires we have already managed to have at our disposal; 

  • Sterile medical supplies (eg gauzes, laparotomy sets, operating room sets, obstetrics sets, anesthesia sets), 
  • Personal Hygiene & Personal Care Items (e.g. masks, gloves, incontinence aids, oximeters, glucose meters), 
  • Walking, locomotion and transport aids (e.g. manual wheelchairs, scooters, simple and wheeled walkers, simple canes and quadrupeds).

In particular we received:

  • Strollers and buggies: 11
  • Trolley accessory: 3
  • Walkers “P”: 3
  • Crutches: 19

Total boxes of sanitary material received: 45, of which:

  • Boxes with sanitary material: 8
  • Boxes with syringes: 3
  • Boxes with change materials: 4
  • Boxes with urinary catheterization materials: 9
  • Boxes with various medical/nursing sets: 11
  • Boxes with compresses: 6
  • Boxes with orthopedic supports (e.g. splints): 4
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