Sponsorship of a wheelchair to a quadriplegic male immigrant returning to his country.

Next stop for the solidarity of the Co-Solidarity Platform is the International Organization for Migration and specifically, a quadriplegic male beneficiary originally from Senegal. His request needed immediate settlement due to his burdened health and the Co-Solidarity Platform team responded immediately, with the aim of ensuring the fundamental rights of our potential beneficiaries.

In particular, the beneficiary is hospitalized from 12/31/2022 at the General Hospital of Athens “K.A.T.” in the spine section with horsetail syndrome. It is a neurological syndrome, where its symptoms include: lumbar pain, sciatica, paresthesia in the perineal area, urinary disorders and loss of sensation and movement of the lower limbs. Preventable damage can be irreversible for this and requires immediate surgical intervention, medical – nursing intervention and the use of specialized auxiliary equipment. According to the hospital’s medical service, the disease caused him permanent paraplegia and this results in his exclusive mobility in a wheelchair.

As he told us during his request, he was forced to leave his country of origin ten years ago to look for work in Greece in order to provide financial support to his wife and four children. After announcing the stage of his syndrome, he stated that he wished to return to his country and family. Representatives of the Co-Solidarity Platform met the gentleman, discussed with him and handed him the specialized lightweight wheelchair, wishing him a peaceful journey to his country and a beautiful family life.

Another highly vulnerable person in need of immediate accessibility received our help and support. And the journey continues!