In cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, we provided a wheelchair and a wheeled walker.

The next stop for the solidarity of the Co-Solidarity Platform is the International Organization for Migration and specifically, two beneficiaries originating from the Philippines and Bangladesh. Their request needed immediate settlement, which is why the Co-Solidarity Platform team responded immediately, bearing in mind the safeguarding of the fundamental rights of our potential beneficiaries.

We aim to offer free medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, medical beds, etc., orthopedic material, and sanitary equipment such as sterile surgical sets, sterile gauze, protective masks, syringes, etc.

You can also receive or donate free health supplies through the Co-Solidarity Platform.

Our goal is the collection, repair, and free distribution of used or unused material and equipment to the elderly and other vulnerable population groups and health and social welfare institutions.

Two more people of high vulnerability, needing immediate accessibility, received our help and support. And the journey continues!