Meet our team


Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, University of Patras

Graduated from the Department of Nursing of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens with a PhD from the Department of Medicine of the University of Patras. Director of the Patient Care Simulation lab. Founding member of clubs with social activity


Lawyer, Gerontologist

She is a gerontologist and lawyer specializing in health law and a founding member of the non-profit company Co2gether. Her interests focus on empowering vulnerable population groups and developing skills of civil society organizations


Special educator

He is a retired special educator with a master’s degree in business administration and social policy. He was director for 15 years of social organizations protecting children and adolescents and is a member of the French solidarity organization SECOL

Jean Pierre 


Retired nurse, with experience in home care, occupational health and safety and the care of people with disabilities. He is secretary and responsible for solidarity actions for Greece of the French solidarity organization SECOL


Social Innovation Service Designer

She is an engineer and designer of products and services and a member of the non-profit company Co2gether. She has experience in the planning and implementation of services and actions with a social impact as well as in the advisory support of public bodies and social organizations


Multimedia Content Creator

He was born in India and came to Greece when he was 7 years old. He works as a digital content designer and is the founder of the non-profit organization ‘Karan Creative Media’ which aims to vehemently revive the emotions of the viewer through true stories and experiential images of ordinary people


IT Manager

Panos is the Co-Founder and IT Manager of the non-profit organization InterMediaKT. He is responsible for the development of online educational tools, as well as the development of digital skills training programs, for young people and organizations. He is a member of the organizing teams of WordCamp Europe 2023, Patras Codecamp and Patras WordPress Meetup.


Web Developer

Nancy is a Web Developer at InterMediaKT. Her main interests are around web designing and the digital transformation of various tasks. She loves her job because it is related to design combined with technology. Also, she loves communicating with people, imparting knowledge and technology! 


Design Manager

Nikos is a member of the Board of Directors and Design Manager of InterMediaKT. He specializes in the design of web pages, the creation of interactive multimedia and online identity of organizations, as well as the development of user experience designs (UX/UI) through his participation in a number of European Technology Programs.


Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, University of Patras

He is a graduate of the Departments of Nursing, and Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. He holds an MA and a PhD in Bioethics from the Faculty of Law at the University of Manchester. He is engaged in research, writing and teaching


Education Manager

Antonela is a member of the Board of Directors and Education Manager at InterMediaKT. As an educator, she is active in the fields of youth, non-formal education and social justice. She has been working in civil society since 2014, with over 50 completed projects and a large community of volunteers and beneficiaries, under her surveillance.



He is a retired architect with a master’s degree in rural development. He has worked at the Ministry of Culture and Equipment for landscaping studies and construction of rural cottages and thermal solar structures. He is a treasurer for the French solidarity organization SECOL.


Communication & SoMe Manager

She is InterMediaKT’s communication manager and the project’s online communication manager, specializing in digital marketing and content creation in SoMe & websites. What is more, she has created the outreach and communication strategy of the Co-Solidarity Platform, contributing to the development of the project’s online communities.



She is a journalist, a graduate of the Department of Media and Culture Communication (Panteion University) and Co2gether’s Communications Manager. Through her professional experience in the media (prints, sites, television and SoMe), she has undertaken communication with the media, ensuring the extroversion and efficient communication of the project with partners and beneficiaries.

Anastasia Chelioti


She is a nurse and her scientific interest focuses on the social impact of illness, health and the provision of health care. He dreams of a society which will be solidarity and cooperative.

Co-Solidarity Platform

undertakes the electronic coordination of donation and exchange. For more information contact us by email

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