Training and home-based interventions to empower the elderly

Co2gether, within the framework of the Co-Solidarity platform, in collaboration with InterMediaKT, designed a comprehensive series of activities and home interventions to support the elderly, thus giving a wide range to the actions framed by the Co-Solidarity platform.

The initiative is about taking a detailed history of the elderly, their individual needs and then implementing targeted interventions with the right equipment. Furthermore, the home interventions aim at psychosocial rehabilitation, prevention and management of the loss of abilities of older people who are beneficiaries. The group of people (psychologist, nurse, gerontologist, etc.) who are in the home interventions combine different activities and types of interventions for the physical and mental empowerment of the elderly. The main concern of these sessions is learning exercises, ensuring safe movement and living in their space and offering an appropriate guide to nutrition and hygiene. The Co2gether team has already successfully visited twice the first elder home at the centre of Patras with social worker Pelagia Tsoukalochoritou in charge of action. A total of 38 elderly people participated and the training lasted 1 hour at a time. The meetings were attended by three nursing students of the University of Patras: Anastasia Helioti, Dafni Aslanidou, Koumata Vasiliki. In the trainings, planning and creation of educational material was carried out with the following topics: movement techniques, fall management, fall prevention, physical strengthening, space organization and safety at home. “Action implemented with a donation from the TIMA Non-profit Foundation within the framework of the “Support Points” program co-financed by 8 non-profit organizations.

Η Co-Solidarity Platform

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